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Fibroma before and after

Be “Picture Perfect” this Holiday Season!

Those that have non-cancerous imperfections such as cherry angiomas, keratoses, fibromas, papulosas, cholesterol deposits or skin tags can come to the Inner Circle Spa on Saturday, November 16th at 9am and be blemish-free in time for Thanksgiving!  High-frequency non-invasively removes imperfections with minimal downtime and very little risk of infection. The area treated will form a crusty “scab” that will need to be kept dry and intact until it naturally falls off in seven to fourteen days.

This treatment is not recommended for diabetics nor those with high blood pressure.  Those that have pacemakers, are pregnant, or have delivered a baby within the last 6 months are not candidates for this treatment.  Clients with Fibromyalgia or Mitral Valve Prolapse will be asked to provide a release form from their physician.  Those with a history of shingles or cold sores (Herpes virus infections) should see their physician for preventative treatment before receiving any high-frequency treatment. Anyone with a history of basal or squamous carcinomas or melanomas must have a prescription from their dermatologist diagnosing the growth, outlining where it is located and that it is safe for removal.

Please call the Inner Circle Spa 941-954-4968 today to make your reservation!  A $50 deposit that will be applied to your treatment is required at the time of reservation.  If you have any medical condition that precludes you from being a candidate for this procedure, your deposit will be refunded.