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Introducing Panty Fresh!

For all the unexpected, unpleasant, and unplanned moments in life; Panty Fresh is a solution product created to empower women to remain hygienic and feel a sense of complete freshness when they are away from home.

Each Box of Panty Fresh Contains a Sachet that Includes 4 items:

1- Reusable great quality, No Show Underwear 

2- Individually wrapped Feminine Fresh Wipe

3- Individually wrapped ultra-thin, multi-form Panty Liner

4- Wash-me Bag*-  (*To store previously worn underwear for later laundering)

Never Get Caught Off Guard Again!

Panty Fresh makes unpleasant moments more comfortable. Having you feeling fresh, clean & confident whenever you should need.  So, toss Panty Fresh in your bag and always be prepared for the unexpected, and live life beautifully to the fullest.

Only $12.99!

Call (941) 954-4968 for more information about this revolutionary product!