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New this month!

Get your bottom beach-ready!

We now offer a fanny facial. You heard it correctly! Summertime is here and we all feel it. Get bathing-suit ready by experiencing this exfoliating and hydrating treatment! You will first receive microdermabrasion to remove dead skin, which leaves behind a smoother surface. Liquid exfoliators are also applied along with serums and a mask. You will feel like you have your original baby’s butt when you leave!!


To reserve your appointment, please leave a message at 941-954-4968, or text your request to 941-544-4868.


Summertime makeup look

We now have a new line of makeup, foundations, highlighters, concealers, pencils, and more. Everything you need to look fabulous!

This month, your makeup application is FREE with a minimum purchase of $50. Tuesdays and Saturdays are the available days for makeup. Please email to schedule this appointment.